Mobile Application Development
Project Overview
Digitdetox is a personal project that I came up with in college. I wanted to create an app that paid users to use their phone less. Similar to the app "Achievement", I wanted my app to track user data (only screen time usage) and utilize that information to provide meaningful insight for users (and companies) to understand their addictive tech habits. In return we would reward users with points that could be cashed out through Paypal.
My Contributions
I created this app within Adobe XD. I've never had the opportunity to work on mobile design, so I decided I was going to make something entirely from scratch. This is an ongoing project that I would hope to see come alive.
This is an ongoing project. I hope to develop an application that will simply help people use their phones less. Tech addiction is linked to physical and mental health issues, so having a monetary incentive to get consumers off of their devices could be a solution.
Visual Designer
Ongoing personal project