Adobe XD + Adobe Photoshop
Project Overview
Waystar is a technology company that helps health systems and hospitals. In recent years they have acquired multiple companies to grow their network. Unlike other rec cycle companies, Waystar strives to create a unified platform that efficiently connects all of the acquired companies.
My Contributions
With the Waystar brand growing, my job is to work with the creative team and create engaging digital media. This includes testimonials, animations, webinars, and other static material.
The financial and administrative challenges facing healthcare providers are daunting. Waystar’s technology platform simplifies and unifies healthcare payments across the revenue cycle. We empower healthcare organizations to automate manual work, gain insight into processes and performance, and ultimately collect more revenue.

At Waystar, we know there’s a better, more efficient way forward. Let’s climb the mountain ahead of us to reach new heights in healthcare.
Visual Designer
Aug 2019 — Current Role